As in "Do It Yourself". More specifically do-it-yourself electronics. One of my main hobbies is building various electronic gadgets, mostly parts of synthesizers and other music related stuff.

It is a fun and rewarding hobby, and enables you to build things exactly like YOU want, not just buy a finished product whose specifications you have no control over.

I use Atmel's AVR microcontrollers a lot, see my AVR page for more info.

Current projects :

Space Echo service docs

I had a problem with the Intensity knob on my RE-201 Space Echo not resulting in as strong effect as I wished for. In the course of fixing this, I managed to get hold of the RE-101/RE-201 Space Echo Service Manual, and I scanned the whole thing in.

The pages were scanned in 300DPI, and stored in PNG format. The files are between 200kB and 600kB in size, the whole thing totals around 10MB.

serviceman.zip Complete service manual

Individual pages

page 1 Title page page 15 OP-16/OP-17/FL-7 Schematics (RE-101 Echo)
page 2 Specifications page 16 Motor replacement
page 3 Differences between RE-201 serial numbers page 17 Tape pack chassis assembly
page 4 Block diagram page 18 Tape pack parts list
page 5 OP-13/OP-14B/FL-7 PCB (RE-201 Echo) page 19 Adjustment and checking 1
page 6 OP-16/OP-14B/FL-7 Schematics (RE-201 Echo) page 20 Adjustment and checking 2
page 7 PS-15D Power Supply PCB page 21 Electrical adjustment 1
page 8 DC Brushless Motor circuit page 22 Electrical adjustment 2
page 9 Tape/Power Supply circuit page 23 Electrical adjustment 3
page 10 PS-15C Power Supply PCB page 24 Electrical adjustment 4
page 11 DC Motor circuit page 25 Cabinet parts
page 12 PS-15C Power supply schematic page 26 Internal parts
page 13 Differences between RE-101 serial numbers page 27 Parts list 1
page 14 Block diagram page 28 Parts list 2


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