My intention with this page is to provide information and inspiration to people who build their own horn speakers and systems, primarily for domestic use. With time, building plans and other articles may appear, but because such material is likely to be copyrighted and the mixture of text and graphics will result in very large files which may not even look good on a computer screen, it will be limited. If you search basic or more involved theory about horns I must direct you to the lists of literary references and BEG you to check all nearby libraries. I do not have the capacity to distribute photocopies from my own archive to people all over the planet! (But if you have something I might like to have in my archive, I may be persuaded to send stuff in return!).

Thomas Dunker

Some History
Why Horns???

Articles on Horns from Sound Practices Magazine

"The Science of Beauty - Audio Culture in the Nineties" , by Herbert E. Reichert, from Positive Feedback (Journal of the Oregon Triode Society) Vol 5, No.1. An article about audio aesthetics, the musical experience and what triode amps and horns can do.

The Ancient Audiophile's Quest for The Ultimate Home System
An amusing, educational and inspirational article about building a totally insane system using professional JBL components...highly recommended!
Said About Horns (and some on high efficiency speakers in general)...
A collection of quotes by horn listeners, designers and enthusiasts giving you an idea of what to expect from a well designed horn system, compiled by Thomas Dunker.

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Literary references to horn related material:

Some References
Some More References, with comments by Thomas Dunker

If you're into horns, triode amps, vintage or DIY tube audio, you MUST check out Sound Practices , the ULTIMATE magazine for all people who are tired of all the "high end" hype.


Some jpeg/gif images of different DIY and pro/commercial horns and systems, with comments by Thomas Dunker and other contributors.

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