Pictures commercial horn speakers, Classics and Contemporary products, with descriptions by Thomas Dunker and other contributors

Color picture of the Klipsch models Belle Klipsch, Klipsch LaScala and Heresy

Cross-sectional view of the Klipschorn

JBL Everest


JBL 4350

Cross-sectional view of the Altec Lansing 604 coaxial driver

Front view color picture of the Tannoy Westminster Royal
Cross sectional view of the Tannoy Westminster Royal

Shows the Yamamura Dionisio horn with a single modified Lowther drive unit.

A horn speaker displayed at the Paris show in 1995. Manufactured by 'A II Ingeniere SA' and called 'Eurythmie 33'.

A full range horn speaker called 'Living Voice Air Partner' shown at the London Penta 1992 show. Uses a Gauss 1502 bullet tweeter and Vitavox (British) drivers for the bass and midrange horns. Efficiency is 108dB/1W/1m.

Shows single prototype of Exemplar speaker in utility finish from Jeff Markwart and John Tucker of Triode Support Systems, Houston,Texas. Uses tractrix derived horn loading down to 135Hz with reflex bass loading via four 6 inch rear firing ducted ports. Bi-wired Linkwitz-Riley passive crossover at 750Hz contained in separate sand filled enclosure. Utilizes Altec Lansing 515-8G horn woofer and 909-8A high frequency compression driver with time domain alignment. Minimum system impedance 7.41 ohms. Sensitivity 103 dB SPL/1W/1M. Dimensions: 46.5in H, 26.5 in W, 25 in D. Major project article in Sound practices #9
(Jeff Markwart)

Shows the German 3-way speaker Odeon 33. Tweeter and midrange are loaded by spherical wave horns made from birch ply. The bass is supported by a horn resonator. The speaker utilizes the Beyma CP 350 TI mid/hi driver for the highs. Thus, the HF horn can be used far down. The midrange is an Audax HM 170 G0. The woofer is an Audax PR330 (????). The exact type could not be determined from the photos.
(Bodo Kalthoff)

Shows the (German) 4 way speaker A Capella Celestron Delta 4. The speaker utilizes 3 spherical wave horns. The bass horn is presumably fitted with the Dynaudio 30W54, the midrange horn with the Dynaudio D54. For the highs, the Corona Ion tweeter is used. The horns are supported by a sepearate bass enclosure below 230 Hz. The bass enclosure is an infinite baffle system with four (roughly) 30cm/12" woofers each. The bass enclosure is 220cm/7'4" tall!
(Bodo Kalthoff)

In this picture (taken at CES, Las Vegas 1996) we see Dr. Bruce Edgar next to one channel of his "System 50" horn speakers. This two way system consists of a 50Hz bass horn (the mouth right behind the tube amp on the floor) and a circular, compression driver wooden tractrix horn. The complete system sells for US$ 10,000.

JBL Hartsfield

JBL Paragon - A STEREO speaker!! Woofer:LE15H, Midrange: 376 compression drivers with H5038P horns, Tweeter: 075.

Altec Lansing "Voice of the Theatre" A7

Construction plans for the Altec 620 bass enclosure

Altec Nineteen

Altec Valencia